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MD Certificate Attestation Service in Chennai by SEPL Group

A medical certificate is also called MD which is a written certificate from a doctor after examining a patient. It is legal evidence of patient health and very crucial when you exceed a certain age limit. This certificate is necessary to claim insurance and leave an extension in a foreign country if required. The certificate of medical falls under the non-education attestation category. The Medical Certificate attestation is done on the original medical certificate that proves the authenticity of an individual. In this process, a seal or signature is provided on the medical certificate by the respective authorized person or department. This attested document proves the authenticity of the individual.

Why Medical Certificate is useful?

Medical certificate attestation helps to acquire your health benefits. It also serves as an authentic and legal document in case you want to submit proof for your absence in office in a foreign country. The process of medical certificate attestation has many steps.

Documents Required for Medical Degree Certificate Attestation

  • Original medical certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photo

Benefits of Medical Degree Certificate Attestation

The medical certificate attestation help in claiming leave extension in your absence in office or any institution, claim insurance. This process of authentication of a medical certificate is known as medical certificate attestation. The process of medical certificate attestation is different for every country. It may also differ depending upon the country you desire to use the certificate. Before submitting the medical certificate to any institution or office its legalization is necessary. The attested medical certificate helps to get a leave extension proving that the absence was due to a medical issue. The document can only be attested if the certificate is issued by a doctor or a valid medical practitioner. Hence, medical certificate attestation is the act of legalizing a medical certificate issued by a doctor.
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