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Engineering Certificate Apostille Services in Chennai

What does Engineering Certificate Apostille mean?

Engineering Certificate Apostille legalizes the documents and the Ministery provides the seal on it which legalizes that the following document is genuine. The legalization of the document state that a particular document is genuine and can be shown in a foreign country. Apostille assured that the particular document (Engineering Certificate) has been issued by the following department and the seal and signature on the respective Engineering Certificate is authentic.

Why Engineering Certificate Apostille is needed?

Engineering Certificate Apostille is needed whenever anybody is planning to move abroad for any purpose. It could be either for higher education, employment, or tourism. Then you have to present your all documents there with attestation or apostille.

What are the documents that are required for Engineering Certificate Apostille?

Documents that are required for Engineering Certificate Apostille

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

What is the process of Engineering Certificate Apostille?

Process for Engineering Certificate Apostille

  • Attestation by Notary Advocate (NOT MANDATORY FOR ALL STATES)
  • University Verification (NOT MANDATORY FOR ALL STATES)
  • HRD Stamp (State Education Department)
  • Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA)
  • Attestation from Embassy for Non-HCCH Member Countries

This is the process followed for getting Engineering Certificate Apostille getting done. To get the Engineering Certificate Apostille done, get in touch with our executives. They will assist you with the entire process.

What are the details that are mentioned on the Engineering Certificate Apostille?

The Engineering Certificate Apostille Sticker has 10 main fields. On the top of this certificate the APOSTILLE, under Convention de La Haye du 5 octobere 1961 is texted which has 10 fields. The Apostille sticker is placed on the backside of the document. Below is the information that Engineering Certificate Apostille has.

  • Country [INDIA]
  • This public document of the Type [Degree Certificate]
  • Is issued to [Name of the Document Holder]
  • Has been signed by [Name of the officer recognized by the MEA]
  • With the Seal / Stamp of [Acting in the capacity of]
  • Certified by [Acting in the capacity of]
  • On: [Date of Apostille] At [Location of Apostille]
  • Reference No Apostille Registration Number: [4 Alpha and 10 Numeric numbers]
  • Stamp/[Stamp of the authority giving the Apostille]
  • Signature [Signature of authority giving the Apostille]
Where to get the Engineering Certificate Apostille?

Our company is Ministery of External Affairs authorized for all sorts of documents legalization services. We provide you with the latest information about the attestation, apostille, and other information related to the Ministry of External Affairs. Our executive assists you with the entire production, and you will experience the best Engineering Certificate Apostille service with us. So, get the Engineering Certificate Apostille service from us, if you are looking for the Engineering Certificate Apostille.

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