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Diploma Certificate Apostille Services in Chennai

How to get an Apostille of Diploma Certificate in Chennai?

SEPL Attestation is a leading attestation company for the last 8 years with a professionally experienced, dedicated, motivated, and skilled executive to guide you in every service. Our firm offers the best Diploma Certificate Apostille service to our clients. Diploma Certificate Apostille prove your credibility and is a way to travel to your desired country. To know further and every detail of the Diploma Certificate Apostille read the following page.

What is a Diploma Certification Apostille?

Diploma Certification Apostille is a document legalization process to make your traveling valid in the desired country. The countries which are members of the Hague Convention demand Diploma Certification Apostille. Apostille is a square-shaped stamp or sticker which is stick on the backside of the certificate. In India, Apostille attestation is only valid for 6 months after that it got expired.

What is the requirement of Diploma Certificate Apostille?

Diploma Certificate Apostille is necessary to open up your gateway for your dream country. Every country follows a different process for issuing Diploma Certificate Apostille certification. With the apostille verification, your documents are safe and secure in your destination country, and make them appropriate for submissions. Countries that are not part of the Hague Convention follow the attestation process. The basic requirement of Diploma Certificate Apostille are:

  • Immigrant students require apostille for obtaining higher education from the desired country.
  • It is also required for obtaining jobs in a foreign country.
  • Apostille is also required for visa purposes.
  • This certification is needed for migration purposes

What is the requirement for applying for the Diploma Certificate at Apostille?

The requirements for applying for Diploma Certification Apostille are mentioned below.
Required documents for applying for Diploma Certificate Apostille are :

  1. Passport copy
  2. Original Diploma certificate

This recognition is a legal necessity to prove that the custodian of records carries the original document. The Diploma certificate Apostille is a requirement to achieve common needs and opportunities. Through this procedure, the certificate holder can prove the authenticity of the certificate in the field of applying.

Documents required for Diploma Certificate Apostille are:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Original Diploma Certificate

The recognition for documents is necessary because it proves your authenticity and creditability.

What is the process followed by Diploma Certification Apostille?

Below is the process followed by the Diploma Certification Apostille.


  • First, you have to get the notary public attestation of your documents.
  • Then, you have to get the attestation from the Government of India, Ministery of Human Resource Development (HRD).
  • After that, get the apostille from the Ministery of External Affairs of India.

What are the documents required for Diploma Certification Apostille?

Required Documents:
  1. Original Diploma Certificate
  2. Photocopy of Passport (1st and last page)
Alternative Process for University, Institute or Private Institute for Diploma Certificate Apostille.

In case you cannot authenticate the Diploma from Higher Education Department HRD/ GAD/ RAC etc then you can follow the alternative process for University, Institute, or Private Institute Diploma Certification Apostille. The Diploma Certification could be apostilled from the Ministery of External Affairs after the Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi, and Attestation from Notary Public, New Delhi, but this method is not valid by the Ministery of External Affairs, hence we don't provide this service to our clients.

What is the time required for Diploma Certification Apostille?

To get the Diploma Certification Apostille you must have to wait for 3 working days means is required 3 working days. But, in case of some circumstances, it may require more than 3 working days.

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