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Power of Attorney Apostille In Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows a person or organization to manage the affairs in case of the authorized person's absence or unable to do so. The nominee that is selected for taking care of things in the absence is called an Agent.

There are 4 main types of Power of Attorneys:

  • General Power Of Attorney - This allows someone to manage everything for the individual in absence.
  • Special Power Of Attorney – This is to handle specific affairs (such as selling your house while you are abroad).
  • Health Care Power Of Attorney – In this nominee can make medical decisions in case the authorized person becomes unable to do so.
  • Durable Power Of Attorney – This attorney goes into effect when the doctor deems the authorized person as incompetent.

Power of Attorney Apostille

An apostille is an authorized document accepted by all member countries of the Hague Convention of 1961. in case the destination country is not a member of the Hague Convention then you must have to attestation the Power of Attorney from the destination country's embassy or Consulate. There are many times when you require the Apostille's Power of Attorney. For example, in case you have an overseas bank account or property abroad and the authorized person is unable to travel thus, he/she require someone to maintain the property.

A Power of Attorney document must include:

  • Original signature (signed in front of a notary)
  • Date
  • No corrections or blanks

The Power of Attorney certificate must be first notarized before apostille. It must ensure that they include the correct acknowledgment statement (some states have different requirements for this wording) with dated and have the notary’s signature and stamp. Moreover, some countries require the attested translated Power of Attorney.

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