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Saudi Embassy Attestation In Chennai

Attestation is vital to verify the authenticity of your documents to use them legally in Saudi Arabia. This verification process is for those planning to travel to Saudi for employment, education, or business purposes.

Attestation is a pretty lengthy process and includes many steps that can mislead you and create confusion. It is, therefore, beneficial to get your certificate attested by the Saudi Embassy with the help of professionals.

Superb Enterprises in Chennai is authorized and experienced to render the best Saudi Embassy document attestation services.

What Is Saudi Embassy Attestation?

Saudi Embassy attestation is a legal verification process to prove that a document is genuine. The Saudi Embassy checks all your documents’ authentication before allowing you to visit the country with a long-term visa for education, employment, or business.

Why Do You Need Saudi Embassy Attestation in Chennai?

People look for Saudi Embassy attestation services near me for various reasons, and the popular ones are:

  • Attestation is a part of affirmation that proves you are truthful.
  • It gives certainty to the country you are willing to go to that you are traveling with faithful intentions.
  • It confirms that the documents you will use in Saudi Arabia are legal and genuine.
  • Attestation helps a company to trust you when you go to Saudi Arabia for a job.
  • Attestation of your documents gives the college or university an assurance that you have gained knowledge in a particular area. You are eligible to pursue the course.

Procedure Of Saudi Embassy Document Attestation In Tamil Nadu -

  • Regional Level The university or the department that issued the document will verify it to prove it is authentic to get an attestation stamp from the Saudi Embassy.
  • State Government There are three variant organizations to do attestation level verification as per the requirement of the document type - the Human Resource Department (HRD), the Home Department, and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • MEA Stamp After the state, the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs verifies the document and proves it is authentic for Saudi Embassy attestation.
  • Embassy Attestation The Embassy of your destination country does the final verification of the document and provides attestation.

Types Of Documents Attested For Saudi Attestation -

People visit Saudi Arabia for different purposes, and for that, they require a particular kind of document. There are three categories of documents people google for Saudi Embassy attestation services near me.

Educational Documents

Educational certificates are your mark sheets, B.Tech degree, B.Com degree, Chartered Accountant degree, MBBS, BE certificate, MS certificate, MD certificate, HSC certificate, SSC certificate, Degree certificate, Nursing certificate, Diploma certificate, etc.

Process For Saudi Embassy Attestation For Educational Documents In Chennai

  • The college or university that issued the certificate verifies it as authentic for Saudi attestation.
  • The state Human Resource Department (HRD) confirms the authenticity of all educational documents.
  • After the HRD, the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs checks the document's authenticity.
  • The Saudi Embassy verifies the document and proves it is bonafide with attestation.

Non-Educational/Personal Documents

Birth certificate, marriage certificate, leaving certificate, offer letter, bonafide certificate, registration certificate, and medical certificate is Non-Educational/Personal documents.

Process For Non-Educational Certificate Attestation From Saudi Embassy

  • The document is first verified by the department that issued it.
  • The State Home Department carefully checks the authenticity of non-educational documents.
  • After the home department, the MEA examines the document.
  • The Saudi Embassy proves the document is authentic with attestation.

Commercial Documents

Export invoice, power of attorney, certificate of origin, packaging list, chemical analysis report, and certificate of incorporation are commercial documents.

Process Of Saudi Embassy Commerical Document Attestation In Chennai

  • The organization that issued the document will verify and prove it is legal.
  • The Chamber of Commerce certifies that a certificate is genuine for embassy attestation.
  • After the state, the MEA verifies the document.
  • The Saudi Embassy approves the document is legal with attestation.

How Many Days Will It Take For Certificate Attestation in Chennai To Saudi Embassy?

Generally, the attestation work finishes in 15 days to 25 days. But, the number of days extends from 25 days to 35 days depending on the following factors.

  • The country you are willing to go to.
  • The type of attestation accepted in your destination country.
  • The type of document you require Saudi embassy attestation services in Chennai.
  • The state is included in the process of certification attestation from Saudi Embassy.

What Is The Cost Of Document Attestation In Chennai For The Saudi Embassy?

The expenses of the Saudi Embassy attestation services in Chennai depend on various factors, and they are:

  • The document you require attestation from Saudi Embassy.
  • The state that verifies if a document is authentic for Saudi Embassy attestation.
  • The agency you have approached for Saudi Embassy attestation services in Chennai.
  • The facilities you avail for the Saudi Embassy attestation in Chennai, like attestation of documents with pick up and drop facility.

What Are The Documents Required For Saudi Embassy Attestation In India?

  • Original Certificate
  • Clear Passport Copy
  • Visa Number
  • Sponsor's ID (Waqala Copy) or Iqama Copy

How To Get A Certificate Attestation in Chennai For The Saudi Embassy?

Attestation is a legal process that needs to be performed by professionals to prevent complications.

Super Enterprises in Chennai is an authorized representative of the MEA to provide speedy and hassle-free certificate attestation services for the Saudi Embassy.

The following are the ways and platforms you can reach us for Saudi Embassy attestation services in Chennai.

  • Dial +91-9884545635, +91-444- 8534879 to communicate with an expert for attestation service.
  • Use the chat window on the website to share your queries.
  • Email your query to OR
  • Take our online service, which includes the facility to pick up your document from your place and deliver it back after attestation.
  • You can also visit our offline for the Saudi Embassy attestation near me service to submit and collect your certificate for and after attestation.

Step By Step Process For Your Application At Superb Enterprises In Chennai

The MEA accepts applications through his authorized agency Superb Enterprises in Chennai. Being the best service provider in Tamil Nadu, we work in the following ways to drive your attestation application on your behalf.

  • If you have taken our online service, our executive collects the documents from your residence. On the other hand, you have connected us offline and visited our office to submit the documents.
  • After getting your documents for attestation, we verify them from our level to fit them into the criteria to get the Saudi Embassy attestation services in Chennai.
  • Once we find that the documents are clear and genuine, we submit and forward them to the department that issued the documents.
  • After that, we submit your documents to the state department according to the types of your documents.
  • After the state, we submit your documents to the MEA for authentication.
  • After the MEA, the Saudi Embassy verifies your documents for final attestation.
  • After attestation, we will deliver your document to your residence or inform you to collect it from our office. It depends on the type of service you have acquired - Online or Offline.

Why Choose Superb Enterprises For Certificate Attestation in Chennai For The Saudi Embassy?

The following are the facilities you get by connecting with the best Superb Enterprises in Chennai for Saudi Attestation services.

  • Fast & Reliable Service For us, work is what benefits someone. We have been providing attestation services for many years. Our customers can rely on us as we provide services to fulfill their urgent needs related to the Saudi Embassy attestation for certificates.
  • Document Pick Up & Drop Service If you cannot visit our office to meet your attestation needs, we collect documents for attestation from your doorstep and deliver them back after attestation.
  • Language Translation Service Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that accept legal documents in Arabia. We translate your certificate into the language used in your destination country for attestation.
  • Document Tracking Service When we take any service, we feel safe if we keep getting updates about that service from time to time. With us, you can track the attestation process of your documents.
  • Service Availability All Over India Other than Chennai, you can find us in almost every state of India whenever you search for Saudi Embassy Attestation services near me.
  • Customer Convenience Clients' comfortability and satisfaction are vital for us. We work round the clock to provide you with the best.

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