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Regional Translation Service in Chennai By SEPL Group

The translation is used for any purpose such as business, technical, legal, medical, financial, literary, and academic. It is needed for different reasons in different areas, for different languages. We at SEPL Group provided our customers with all sorts of translations used for every purpose. Some of the prominent translation services are listed below.

Business Translation:

Business translation is a document conversion that is accosted with some sorts of commercial and administrative documents of the business. The business translation could be for internal organization process or for outside the organization purpose.

Technical Translation:

In the case of technical translation, the terms that must be used in the translation are technical as it is used in the user manuals, patents, technical brochures, etc. That section of the documents has comprises a particular section, thus required a specialist to perform the task.

Legal Translation:

The legal translation is required certified translators to convert the document into legal translation. These documents are converted for various purposes such as law-related thus, required attestation of the document.

Medical Translation:

Medical translation is required for distinct medicine-related documents such as research papers, patient information, medical prescriptions, and many more. For such reason medical translation is necessary.

Financial Translation:

In financial translation, the documents are comprised of balance sheets, financial reports, bank statements, and others. This translation conversion of the bank documents has financial or economic information.

Literary Translation:

Literary translation doesn't have any text or data it chiefly consists of the content of the literature. These literary translations contain poems, novels, journals, blogs, and other documents related to literature.

Academic Translation:

As the name suggests the academic translation is the conversion of the documents such as academic certificate, textbooks, brochures, etc., are some of the translation of the academic that required translation.

Website Translation:

The conversion of WebPages from one language to another, so that it could be understood, is what website translation is for. Many websites are translated from one language to another to reach the intended audience, so that desired traffic can be gain.

Script Translation:

In the script translation, the translation of dialogues and scenes are composed in the script. This script translation is for various purposes such as stage plays, movies, online short videos, and others.

Regional Translation:

The regional translation is required to convert the language from one regional language to another language to understand the documents. This translation could be for documents or any of the above translation.

SEPL Group rented its customers with all sorts of documents legalization such as documents Attestation, MEA Attestation, Apostille, and visa facility to all its valued customers.

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