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Bonafide Certificate Attestation Services in Chennai

A bonafide Certificate Attestation in Qatar is a document obtained from a college or university that states that you were a regular student of that institution. Qatar has implemented strict policies on attesting an educational/a professional certificate to verify the genuineness of the certificate. The applicant must submit a bonafide letter that is duly attested by a designated authority to ensure that no fake applicant gets a job in Qatar. Bonafide Certificate Attestation is a process of providing a seal that a certain document is genuine and can be used in a foreign country.

We assist our customers with the latest information and guidelines on the Apostille/attestation process involved in document legalization from the Ministry of External Affairs. In case of any false documentation or misrepresentation of facts and information from the applicant is solely responsible by the Government of India.

Bonafide certificate should specify the following:

  • Name of university
  • Institution status (Government or Private)
  • Institution’s accreditation standard at the time of obtaining the said certificate
  • Mode of course – regular student or correspondent
  • Duration of course
  • Year of admission and year of passing
  • Certificate genuinity

With this letter from the college or university in the above-mentioned format, an applicant must submit the Mark list and Course Certificate and all the documents must be verified and certified by all government departments. It means the document must be attested from the Notary, State Home Ministry, Central Home Ministry, External Affairs Ministry, and Qatar Embassy before submitting the same for attestation in Qatar by MOFA.

Documents required for BE Certificate in India:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

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