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Transcript Certificate Apostille in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

If an individual is planning to go abroad for study purposes, the University of the abroad country requires a Transcript or Mark Sheet Apostille. The legalize transcript certificate is legal proof of the authenticity of the Marks obtained by individuals in each subject are verified under authorized government authority. The value of the Transcript or Mark sheet increase after the legalization of the documents in the destination country. It is an important part of someone's career abroad as it witnesses the authenticity of the individual. Presently, every country requires the Attestation and legalization of documents for visa purposes to ensure the authenticity of the documents. Legalize documents ensures the safety of the illegal documentation to the designated country as only original documents go under the document legalization process.

Requirements of Mark Sheet Apostille

The Mark Sheet Apostille is required for visa purposes. It started from the Attestation from the Higher Education Department of the State where the certificate has been issued. The mark sheet can be obtained from both Government as well as Private University. The Higher Education Department, Govt. Of India only attest or authenticate those Mark Sheet that is issued either by Government University or affiliated University in India.

Mark Sheet Apostille from Higher Education Department ( HED )

Earlier in India, the Human Resource Department (HRD) was responsible for authentication or attestation authority for Graduate or Post Graduate Degree. But now, the Mark Sheet Authentication will be done by Higher Education Department (HED) instated of HRD. So, the first step is attestation from Higher Education Department (HED).

Mark Sheet Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

Now in the second step, the Mark Sheet Attestation will be completed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. Of India. We assist our customers to get the MEA done on Mark Sheet Attestation without any hassle. Ministry of External Affairs is a compulsory process for abroad. There are two types of MEA; the first is “Normal Attestation” and another one “Apostille Attestation”. When the destination country is a non-Hague Conventional Country, then the Mark Sheet Attestation from MEA will be done and if the destination country is a Hague Conventional Country then the Mark Sheet Apostille from MEA will be required.

Mark Sheet Authentication from Embassy

Finally, if the destination country is not a member of the Hague Conventional Country then the Mark Sheet needs Embassy attestation from the destination country. The Mark Sheet Attestation is the last step, hence the Embassy Mark Sheet can only be done only after HED, and MEA. Some countries also require Cultural Document Attestation on the Mark Sheet.

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