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Libya Embassy Attestation Services in Chennai

Certificate attestation from Home Department, HRD and MEA attestation in Chennai. The Government of Libya requires all personal and educational certificates, academic or professional, to be issued from India to be attested by Consulate or Embassy in Libya. These documents are further needed to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) of Libya's government before granting a visa for Libya.

Functions and Role of Notary Certificate Attestation for Libya in Chennai

All types of Certificates have to be attested for Libya for formal purpose. It all starts with Notary. Once certificates are attested from the notary, you are required to submit documents for home department attestation which further states the authenticity of the submitted documents.

The function of Home Department Documents Attestation for Libya in Chennai

Before submitting documents to MEA for attestation, you are required to get the attestation done from Home Department. Home Department authenticates the certificates after verifying the content of certificates. Authentication is an accurate representation of the authenticity of submitted certificates. All formalities are similar for Libya certificates attestations in Chennai.

The HRD ministry that is the Human Resource Department of the State attests to all documents issued by Govt. Technical Board, medical as well as paramedical institution, Govt. School, university, and other organizations. After completion of the attestation process, the certificate is preceded further to the External Affairs & Embassy Attestation. You can also consider Mantralya attestation to get MEA attestation done.

MEA Attestation for Libya

MEA attestation comes under the ministry of external affairs government of India. It is 6the Ministry of External Affairs that attest to all the certificates issued by any state in India before making a submission to the Libya embassy. Home Department attestation or education department attestation should be done for MEA attestation. Ministry of External Affairs attests to all non-educational as well as educational certificates as well as commercial certificates.

Libya Embassy Attestation

The Libya attestation needs all personal as well as educational certificates, academic or personal, issued from India to be attested by the Consulate or Libya Libya Embassy for further attestation by the MOFA which stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Government of Libya before granting Visa.

Attestation for Libya in Chennai

Once certificates are attested by MEA in Chennai, you can submit them to the Embassy of Libya for further attestation. The Libya embassy will attest all non-educational as well as educational and commercial documents if the certificates are attested by MEA in Chennai.

Libya Embassy Attestation Process Explained

HRD process starts with University verification of Original Degree certificate from the respective University and followed by State Human Resource Department for documents verification from respective State which is the initial stage of attestation.

After the HRD process, we will submit the documents to the MEA-Ministry of External Affairs for verification. MEA verifies its authenticity and attests to the document.

After completing the MEA procedure will submit all documents to Libya Embassy for attestation. The embassy will have a cross-verification on all stamps and signatures on the documents and upon positive verification, Libya Embassy will attest the documents.

SDM process starts with Notary public attestation on certificate from local Notary followed by Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attestation, after which we will submit the document to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) to get the Indian ministry verification and finally submit the document to Libya Embassy for attestation.

Libya Embassy Attestation For Non-Educational Document in Chennai

Your personal document needed to be verified by the LIBYA Embassy if you are planning to bring your family to LIBYA or in order to apply for a job you need to attest your personal documents.

Non Educational certificate / personal document can be attested from LIBYA Embassy in two processes.

  • Home Department and Libya Embassy Process.
  • Notary, SDM, and Libya Embassy Process.
  • Chennai, MEA Libya Embassy Process. (only for Chennai document)

Libya Embassy Attestation for Educational Certificates in Chennai

Libya Embassy attestation is possible on all Full Time / Regular Mode of certificate and also on all correspondence/part-time / distance and open certificates. Any certificate issued from the Universities /private institute in India can be attested. For any abroad certificate (certificate issued outside India) cab be attested from Libya Embassy in India If you have the Indian embassy attestation of the issued country on the certificate.

Educational certificate attestation we have two procedures

First, one starts with University Verification, after which State authentication (HRD) in Chennai followed by MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) then submit to Libya Embassy attestation. However, this process is a time-consuming procedure.

The second procedure starts with Notary public followed by Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) in Chennai MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) followed by Libya Embassy attestation. Both processes are valid for getting a visa in Libya.

All Chennai-issued certificates can be verified through the Chennai Mantralaya process. Starting with a Notary Public attestation followed by Chennai Mantralaya attestation after which MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) followed by Libya Embassy attestation. This process is valid only for certificates issued from the State of Chennai.

Commercial Document Attestation From Libya Embassy in Chennai

Commercial documents need to be attested in Chennai when you have to export products, to start your company, or any services to other countries. All the export documents need to be attested. Below are the lists for commercial documents commonly attested from LIBYA Embassy.

  • Certificate of Origin Attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Certificate of incorporation attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Export Invoice attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Physical/chemical analysis reports of products attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Chemical analysis report attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Packaging list attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Special certificates attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Memorandum of association attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Export Invoice attestation from Libya Embassy.
  • Power of attorney attestation from Libya Embassy.

There is a systematic procedure for attesting the documents from Libya Embassy which follows as below.

Chamber of commerce has to attest first in Chennai and foremost on any commercial documents attested from Embassy of LIBYA or Consulate present in India (The Commercial document could be attested from Chambers of Commerce anywhere in India.)

After attestation from the Chambers of Commerce, the Commercial Document will be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

After completing Chamber of Commerce and MEA attestation the certificate will be attested from the Embassy of LIBYA or Consulate present in India.

LIBYA Embassy Attestation In Chennai

We can have the Libya Embassy attestation in Chennai, either you can walk into our Branch/Collection center in Chennai or can courier the document directly to our office in Chennai. We can attest documents issued from any state and from any private/Govt organizations.

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