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Guide to Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate attestation is a process of the Marriage certificate and the embassy or consulate of the desired country is the dominant authority of issuing authentication to the certificate. They will stick an official seal or signature on the document which improves the reliability of the Marriage certificate. This process of document legalization enables the credibility of the document that the document is genuine. It helps to live the couple across the globe's country without any difficulty. Moreover, it is legal proof that for other countries that the couple is legally married.

Main reasons for Marriage Certificate Attestation:

  • For applying for a family visa
  • To migrate or relocate to another country with your family.
  • For employment
  • For education purposes.

Documents required for marriage certificate attestation are as follows:

  • Original certificate
  • Copy of passport.

The original marriage certificate has to be submitted with the passport copy of the applicant for attestation of the certificate. Attesting your marriage certificate is legal proof that the documents are authentic. The process of marriage certificate depends upon the native country from which the marriage certificate attestation is issued. The process of marriage certificate attestation in India is as follows.

Process for Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Notary attestation
  • Home department attestation
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs)
  • Embassy attestation
  • MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs)

This is a mandatory process to be followed for the marriage certificate attestation. Marriage Certificate Attestation is compulsory as MEA Attestation and Apostille, to prove the genuineness of the document which are indeed abroad. Document Certificate Attestation procedure can be different for the various country that has issued the marriage certificate. Document Attestation for the marriage certificate is generally required for international purposes. This is a mandatory document if you are planning for international travel with your family, then legal authentification of the marriage certificate is much need. It also signifies that the marriage certificate issued by the specified department and the Seal and Signature on this particular Marriage certificate are genuine.

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