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Quick MS Certificate Attestation Service in Chennai

MS Certificate Attestation is a process of document legalization in which MS Certificate is authorized by an assigned person or department with their official seal and signature. The attestation confirms that the particular certificate is issued by the University is genuine and can be used abroad. The seal and signature evidence that the document issued for the individual is genuine. The process of MS Certificate Attestation has to be completed on the original MS Certificate document. The attestation signifies that the document is an accurate representation of the facts or the authenticity. In a foreign country, only attestation documents are accepted as they evidence the reliability of the document and individual.

Why MS Certificate Attestation is required?

Though MS Certificate Attestation is required for many purposes some of the prominent reasons for which attestation is required are:
  • 1. To get employment abroad
  • 2. To get higher education in the foreign nation
  • 3. To serve the purpose of visa transfer
  • 4. To obtain a residence visa for you and your family

Process of MS Certificate Attestation in Chennai, India

The process of MS Certificate Attestation involves many steps to complete the entire attestation process.
  • First, the MS Certificate is attested from the state HRD. The state HRD send the MS Certificate document to the University for Verification. When the university or college verifies the document then, the certificate is verified from the state HRD.
  • After that, the certificate is sent to MEA Attestation. In case, the documents have to be used in the member of Hague Convention country then, the document has to be apostille, if it is not the case, then the document is sent for the next step of verification.
  • Finally, the document is now attestation from the Embassy of the destination country, with this the process of MS Certificate Attestation gets completed.
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