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Certificate of Origin Attestation from the SEPL Enterprises

A certificate of origin attestation is a certificate of written or printed material issued by a seller to the buyer with the purpose of shipment of items and goods. Certificate of Origin Attestation is a legal process of shipping or commercial invoice certificate. It is used for the legal importing and exporting of goods to a foreign country. The attestation document proves the authentication of the candidate and the candidate's documents that have to indulge in commercial activities with a foreign country. The certificate of attestation origin attestation helps the abroad country to determine the exact value of goods to understand the custom duties.

Process of Certificate of Origin Attestation

The Certificate of Origin Attestation is not a direct process as it involved many other musts to do steps before final attestation. The detail of the process is mentioned below:

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation of Certificate of Origin Document: The Chamber of Commerce is an association that works for the interest and welfare of its members. Getting the document attestation by the Chamber of Commerce helps in starting the business of the specified candidate legally.
  • Ministry of External Affairs of Certificate of Origin Attestation: It is the second step of document legalization which is carried out by the home government of the native country. Hence, MEA is the highest level of attestation that is done from the country of origin.
  • Embassy/Consulate of Certificate of Origin Attestation: It is the last step of origin of the certificate of origin document from the embassy or consulate of the destination country.
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