Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation

A Power Of Attorney Attestation is a commercial document that proves the genuinely of the individual and the document. Thus, the attestation process for the Power of Attorney Certificate is through the Home government that offers the entry to abroad. The government concerned office needs approval as you are an honest and beneficial person to their country. Only after getting documents attested, you can apply for the visa. Though the document attestation is a boring process, yet it is necessary. The SEPL Enterprises offer the best Power Of Attorney Certificate Attestation Service in Chennai at an excellent price with MEA Services also.

What is Power Of Attorney and why it is required?

Power Of Attorney Attestation is an important process of document legalization, where an attestation stamp is acquired from the concerned department. It has to be done by the issued country i.e., India, Power Of Attorney (POA). The authentication of this document is functional in case the applicant is abroad. Moreover, they can make any changes if required by the assigned person. This document gives evidence of being reliable and authorized to perform strictly by the Government of India. The Power Of Attorney attestation is required for international business. Those who are looking for an excellent Power Of Attorney must contact SEPL Group Attestation, as we rented the genuine attestation service. We are an expert firm offering the best services in Apostille Services in Chennai related to HRD, MEA, Apostille, and Attestation who complete all the responsibilities related to document legalization without any hassle.

How to get Power Of Attorney attestation in India?

Getting the Power Of Attorney Attestation Service for the commercial document is much easier with the SEPL Group Attestation. As we are a government-approved company we always remain updated with the latest news and changes in other countries. Thus, our executives offer you the best prioritizing services with comfort and convenience to our customers.

Process Followed for Power Of Attorney Attestation

The individual looking for Power Of Attorney must have to follow the prior steps before final attestation. This process will begin with the notary attestation and end up with the consulate/embassy attestation. The attestation procedure in India is as follow:

  • Chamber Of Commerce Attestation: The first step of the Chamber of Commerce is to document legalization from the Chamber of Commerce from the local businessmen organization and verification. The commercial documents are evidence of the candidate's business that is genuine and assist in the proceeding.
  • MEA Stamp: The second step of Power of Attorney Attestation is the last step for the countries under the Hague Convention. It is the Home government that is responsible for the stamp on the documents. This is a central department managing foreign affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation: The last step of the attestation of the Power Of Attorney is Embassy attestation. The official of the respective country performs the attestation and verification of the documents. It is the final step of the Power of Attorney Attestation process.

Note:- Physical presence of the applicant is mandatory for Power of Attorney Attestation.

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