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Documents authentication is a legal process used for trading, business, etc, to use commercial documents internationally. Whenever anyone decided to move abroad to enhance their business, they must get their documents attestation. To prove the authentication of your documents in foreign countries, commercial document attestation is required. Documents like the certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoice, etc., come under the process of commercial documents attestation. Commercial documents are categorized as non-educational document attestation. The chief motive of commercial documents attestation is mentioned below.

Reasons for Commercial Documents Attestation

  • For sold properties in the home country
  • For trading
  • For starting up a business
  • For canceling partnerships
  • To open bank accounts

Commercial invoices are very important documents to be used in foreign business. It is used for transporting products from one country to another. These documents have much sensitive information such as parties involved, the goods being transported, country of manufacturing, etc. The certificate of origin is a document that is also known as Form A that is used in international trade. In a printer form, the document is completed by the exporter and certified by an authorized authority. Legal documents related to the foundation of the is known as certificate of incorporation, which is a license issued from the government to form the company. This process of commercial document attestation begins with the authority of the native country and ends up at the country where the applicant is planning to move.

Process of the Commercial Document Attestation:

  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs) attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) attestation

The documents are stamped and seal by the concerned authority, as soon as every step of verification is completed, the documents are considered authentic. Whosoever is planning to travel abroad for any purpose he/she has to get the document attestation. For the documents attestation, the documents must be original. It is to ensure the safety of the destination country so that any attempt of illegal documentation can be done. So, it is necessary to complete the genuine commercial documents attestation process for any hassle-free trip abroad.

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