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A medical certificate is a written certificate issued by the doctor after examing a patient. It is written evidence of a health condition of an individual. It is an essential document required when you exceed a certain limit as it plays a key role in claiming insurance to get a leave extension abroad. It is a foremost attestation type that falls under the non-educational document certificate category. The medical apostille is done on the medical certificate to prove the authenticity of an individual. It is a process by which the authorized officer/department sticks its stamp or signature on the medical certificate so that it can be used abroad. The seal and signature symbolize that the particular certification is verified by the respective department and authority hence, it is a genuine certificate.

This legalized document helps the applicant to avail of the health benefits in a foreign country. It also serves as an authentic legal document in case you want to submit proof for your absence in office. The process of document legalization involves many steps with many necessary documents to be submitted before attestation.

Documents Required for Medical Certificate Apostille

  • Original medical certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photo

The medical certificate apostille is required to claim in office or any institution in your absence to claim insurance or leave extension. The process of medical document legalization is known as Medical Certificate Apostille. This process can vary from country to country. Hence, every certificate has to follow a different process as per the destination country requirement. The medical certificate must be apostille/attested before presenting it in any country. It helps the applicant to extend leave due to the absence of medical issues. The certificate can only be legalized if the medical certificate is issued by a relevant doctor or a medical practitioner. Hence, the medical certificate apostille is a process of legalizing a medical certificate issued by a doctor.

Process of Medical Certificate Apostille

  • Notary
  • HRD
  • MEA
  • Embassy/Consulate

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