Apostille for Burundi

Apostille of Documents for Burundi

Apostille Attestation is a globally accepted attestation mandatory for the countries that belong to Hauge Convention. Apostille attestation of documents is a process in which documents are legalised in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations listed under Hague Convention. In India, these legal attestation procedures are done by the central government The Apostille sticker is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.

Why do you need Apostille for Burundi?

Burundi is listed in the countries of the Hague Convention, therefore apostille is required for Burundi to permit entry into the country. Apostille attestation is officially accepted by the Burundi Government and the Burundi Embassy.

Apostille is a legal sticker that is computer-generated with a unique identification number. It is only valid for six months.

Various Reasons of Apostille Attestation for Burundi could be

  1. Student Visa
  2. Resident Visa
  3. Work Visa
  4. Business Visa

People who are travelling to Hauge convention countries like Burundi have to get their documents apostilled. Apostille acts as a legal authentication for your certificates and documents to validate your legitimacy. It is a mandatory process to obtain Visa for Burundi. One must follow a proper and error-free procedure through MEA outsourced agencies like Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

The procedure of Apostille for Burundi

Apostille attestation is done through various departments of government at the state and Central levels.

  1. Human Resource Department or Home Department - Here the document is authenticated from a respective State HRD or State HD authorities where it has been issued. HRD seal is applied at the backside of the document as a pre-authentic attestation.
  2. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)- Once the document is authenticated at the State government level by HRD or Home Department thereafter the document is Apostilled by MEA by placing an Apostille Sticker on the back of the document with a computer-generated unique identification number.

Please note that once your documents are Apostilled by MEA, you do not need attestation from Burundi Embassy. Apostille attestation is acceptable to obtain a visa for Burundi.

Types of Documents for Apostille

Documentation of Apostille is majorly divided into three types of documents with different procedures for each type of document.

They are Educational documents, Personal documents and Commercial documents.

  • Apostille for Educational Documents
    1. Authentication by State Human Resource Department (HRD)
    2. Apostille by MEA

    These documents consist of your academic certificates of class 10,12, UG, PG, PHD, diploma etc.
    They are attested as valid proof of your qualifications.

  • Apostille for Personal Documents
    1. Authentication by State Home Department.
    2. Apostille by MEA

    These documents consist of your documents like birth, marriage, divorce, medical etc. They are attested as valid proof of your birthplace, medical and marriage information.

  • Commercial Documents
    1. Authentication by recognised Chamber of Commerce (COC)
    2. Apostille By MEA

    These documents are business-related or shipping documents. Commercial documents include registration, power of attorney, articles of association, certificate of origin etc to be attested as proof for your business information.

Essential Documents Needed for Burundi Apostille

  • Original Set of Documents or Certificates to be attested
  • Passport Copy and Passport Size Photograph
  • Copies for Semester Results or Offer Letters, Employment etc
  • Company letter on its letterhead and other related documents for commercial documents.

Normal Process Time Required for Document Apostille Process for Burundi

The process usually takes few working days depending upon the process that needs to be followed. You can fast track the process if required for urgent situations.

Why choose SEPL for Apostille Attestation

Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd. is officially listed as an outsourced agency on the panel of MEA. SEPL has served years of experience in apostille services. SEPL is a guaranteed service provider with genuine attestation without compromising quality and security. We have professional experts to complete all pre authentications and apostille attestation required for Burundi. SEPL delivers a speedy and hassle-free process for their customers. SEPL operates its services all over India in
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