Best Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille in India

When you are planning to visit a member of the Hague Convention for any purpose, then documents apostille is a must process to be followed. Document legalization is a compulsory process followed for every kind of document (personal, educational, and commercial). The Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille is required for higher educational purposes or job purposes.

What is Nursing Certificate Apostille?

Nursing Certificate Apostille Certificate is authentic proof that the witness of the applicant is genuine. In this process, the certificate is signed/sealed by the authorized person or department that confirmed the authenticity of the individual. The Nursing Diploma Certificate attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. To use this country abroad the certificate must be authorized by the concerned HRD/MEA and respective Embassy of the desired country.

When Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille is required?

The Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille is required when you applied for higher education abroad. It might also be needed when you are obtaining, procuring, or acquiring permanent residency in the member of the Hague Convention.

Process for Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille

  • Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille from respective State Higher Educational Department HRD / GAD / RAC.
  • Apostille of Nursing Degree Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs
  • Embassy from the respective Country you are planning.

Depending upon the origin and type of the documents, the process for the apostille of Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille can vary.

How much time does it take to get Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille?

Usually, it takes 2-3 days to get the Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille to get done, but the process might take even more time as this process involves many steps. So, it might take more than 2 days. <

How much does it cost to Apostille Nursing Degree Certificate?

There is no specific amount for Apostille Nursing Degree Certificate. The amount can vary as per college, university, and state.

What are the documents required for Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille?
Documents Required for Nursing Degree Certificate Apostille:
  • Original certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 photographs
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree copy
  • Mark sheet all year
  • HSC Certificate
  • SSC Certificate

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