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Indian Notary Attestation is mandatory to prove the credibility of the personal documents while travelling abroad. Indian Notary attestation is only for personal documents including birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney, legal headship, affidavit, divorce certificate, etc., has to be attestation for verification overseas. Attestation of the personal documents is necessary for applying visa for any purpose such as residential, residential, employment, etc.

Process of Indian Notary Attestation

Here is the process mentioned for the Indian Notary Attestation
  • Notary Attestation: The personal documents must get an attestation from the notary. It has to be done from the Notary of the state where the documents were issued. After the Notary attestation, the attested documents have to be attested from the concerned state home departments.
  • MEA Attestation: As soon as the attestation notary is attestation, then the documents have to be attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). In case you are visiting the Hague member country, then you have to do the MEA Apostille Attestation. General attestation is required for the non-Hague member countries.
  • Embassy Attestation: Then after the MEA Attestation, Embassy Attestation is compulsory for visiting any abroad country. Whereas, the embassy attestation is not required for Hague member countries.
  • Mofa Attestation: Mofe attestation is generally required for the gulf countries and to be done once you reach your destination country.

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