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Export Invoice Attestation is authentication of the commercial invoice that proves that you and your documents are legal. It is necessary when you are planning to export or sell your goods abroad. Generally, it is performed by the country of origin. This document is issued from the seller to the buyer for the shipment or import and export of goods to a foreign country. Export Invoice is of two types.

Types of Export Invoice Attestation

Commercial Invoice: The commercial invoice comprises the details of shipper and receiver with other related information including date and terms of sales, quantity sold, detail of goods, unit, and the total value of goods along with the shipping and insurance price. It is a detailed and descriptive document of export items.

Shipping Invoice: It is generally an informative document that includes the list of items issued by an individual or company to some other individual or company. This also includes the details of the seller's and receiver's other information.

Export Invoice Attestation includes three major steps, which are explained below.

Process of Export Invoice Attestation

  • First: In the first step, the export invoice attestation document is first attested by the local Chamber of Commerce, which is to be done by us
  • Second: After that, the document is attested by the Ministry Of External Affairs
  • Third: Now, this is the final step when the document is attested by the concerned country's embassy

SEPL Enterprises attest to your documents easily without any delay in services at nominal fee charges. Our expertise legalizes the Export Invoice that has helped score of Business corporates for business assignments. The attestation of Export Invoice is a process to prove the authenticity of the documents. We are a Ministry of External Affair approved company to ensure that the corporate representative does not have to wait so long without spending much money.

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