Why Do You Need To Hire Attestation Service Providers?

Living abroad is a challenge in itself, where you need to adapt to a new culture and lifestyle. Although, to make your move successful, firstly you need to attest all the required documents. Every country follows a different immigration procedure and implements different rules and regulations for expats. Document attestation is one such requirement that every expat needs to follow in order to make this transition smooth. Once all your documents are attested, then only you can plan on flying abroad. Whether you are applying for Marriage Certificate Apostille in Chennai or Degree Certificate Attestation in Mumbai, there are numerous companies that will assist you.

Attestation Service in Chennai

  • Economical and Express Procedure

As you are aware of the fact that certificate attestation is a complicated and daunting procedure. You may need several government departments in order to get your document authenticated. The best method of getting your work done here is to hire a professional having plenty of experience. This will not only cost you a lot less but will also save a lot of time. However, do a little research about the company background before handing over your documents.

  • Hassle-Free Task

All educational, personal, and commercial documents follow a different attestation procedure, and since you need to attest a bunch of documents, this whole procedure can be really tiresome. Hiring an agency will allow you to get your certificates attested with minimal hassles involved. These companies usually provide a tracking number through which you can track the current status of your documents.

  • Error-Free Services

Most people attest their documents for processing their visa. Therefore, the duration of your visa is directly related to the time your documents are attested. Since attestation service providers are experienced, the chances of errors are comparatively low. If you need your certificates authenticated on an urgent basis, you are highly recommended to seek professional assistance from such companies. There are numerous companies offering services regarding certificate attestation in Chennai.

These are a few of the reasons discussing why and how outsourcing this task can render you favorable results. Go online and do research on companies providing these services to be 100% sure that you are handing your documents to a reliable agency. You will easily find authorized companies providing economical and reliable certificate attestation and Apostille services in all parts of India.


Degree Certificate Attestation: What Do You Need To Know?

Most of us dream of working in a high-end multinational company and living a luxurious life abroad. This will not only allow you to built your career but will also help you understand their culture better. However, the more exciting all this sounds, relocating to a foreign destination can be a really daunting and troubling task, and all your troubles start with document attestation. Certificate authentication is a necessary requirement for all Indian as well as foreign-issued documents if they are intended to be used overseas. If you are having troubles getting your documents attested, then plenty of companies are providing services for certificate attestation in Chennai and other states of India.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Educational documents, especially degree certificate, are required for numerous purposes overseas. Employees working in foreign countries need to present their educational certificates while applying for a work permit, for getting a salary and designation appraisal, and various other reasons. Before proceeding further, let’s firstly learn about the degree attestation procedure.

Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure 

Let’s take a quick glance at the Indian degree certificate attestation procedure.

1.Notary Attestation

The first step of the Indian degree attestation is notary attestation. Submit your documents with a Notary Public for the notary stamp. Certain documents require notary attestation while others don’t.

2.HRD Attestation

After notary, the degree certificate will be authenticated by the Human Resource Development (HRD). HRD first verifies the document with the concerned school or university and later on authenticates it with official stamp and signature. The HRD attestation is essential for all Indian educational certificates.

3.MEA Attestation

Thirdly, the degree will be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. The MEA generally takes a day or half for attesting the original copy of a document, Also, if the document is found forged, it will be seized by the Ministry, and penalties or fines will be imposed on the applicant.

4.Embassy Attestation

Eventually, the degree certificate will be attested by the Embassy of the respective country the applicant is planning on visit. The Embassy only accepts a document for attestation, once it is verified and authenticated by all the above three authorities.

For an easy and hassle-free attestation, hire an expert and experienced company. You will easily find plenty of companies providing attestation services such as UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai. Seeking professional assistance for a reliable and error-free work is always recommended, especially to newcomers. The MEA has outsourced a few companies for attestation, and you can do a little research for knowing about these outsourced companies.


Why is Certificate Attestation Requisite Overseas?

Why Is Certificate Attestation Requisite Overseas


With globalization and changing times, there has been a drastic change in people’s mindset and lifestyle. Unlike before, a majority of people prefer shifting from one country to another in search of better opportunities. Previously, countries like the USA, UK, and Australia caught the attention of career-oriented professionals and students who were looking for enhancing their career and future, but now the Gulf countries have also established a reputed position for themselves. Over the past few years, they have gained immense popularity, and the United Arab Emirates is especially preferred by the expats. Gulf countries not only promises a lucrative job with high-end salaries but also better living standards.


The importance of certificate attestation is well-known to those who are staying abroad or are planning on visiting anytime soon. Whether you are about to accept a job overseas or have got admission in a reputed foreign university or are planning on establishing your business, document attestation is the first requirement. In simple terms, attestation is a government legalization which not only grants validity to a document overseas but also ensures easy acceptance by all local as well as private authorities without any cross-questioning. Besides this, attestation is also preliminary for processing the visa request. All types of visas, excluding tourist visa and transit visa, requires attested documents for processing the request. Due to the increasing demand, the services for certificate attestation is easily available in India. There are plenty of companies offering certificate attestation in Chennai and other parts of India.


It is apparent to understand that someone who is about to move to a foreign country might not be aware of the document attestation and its procedure. Each country imposes a set of rules and regulations on the expats in terms of attestation and legal and valid immigration. In case you are new to all these and looking for some expert guidance, there are several companies providing visa assistance, document attestation, and Apostille stamp services in Chennai. All educational, personal, and commercial documents follow a different authentication procedure, so you are recommended to consult a professional prior to getting started.