Why UAE Can Be An Ideal Location For Higher Education?

Studying overseas brings a lot of exciting opportunities and surprises with it, and the United Arab Emirates has everything to make your study more successful. Residing while studying here will allow you to experience the authentic Emirati culture and a unique lifestyle. While the UAE comes with its own distinct rules, there is a lot to learn and explore here. Although make sure you as well as your certificates are well prepared for this international shift. You can easily avail the services regarding Degree attestation for UAE in Chennai and other cities. Here are 8 fascinating reasons why UAE is the perfect place for your foreign study. 

degree certificate attestation

  • Vast Educational Options

The proximity of the UAE from the eastern and western countries provides the best amalgamation of both the country’s culture and educational style here. Reputed universities from all over the world are located here, and you can easily choose from technical, business, medical, and other courses here. Remember that a UAE Student Visa doesn’t allow you to work here.

  • Diverse Culture 

The UAE is made up of seven Emirates, and every Emirate has its own culture. Apart from this, people from all over the world, especially India, are residing here which provide an opportunity to understand and explore diverse religion and culture. You are likely to come across people from every corner of the world that will help you widen your perspective.   

  • Study with Fun

If you like exploring new destinations, trying new sports, or meeting new people, then the UAE is the best place for you in the whole wide world. In the free time, you can go out shopping at the Dubai Mall or enjoy a sunny day at Jumeirah Beach or witness the aerial view of the entire city from Burj Khalifah, there is a lot to do here. 

  • Better Career Options

Since the UAE is a business hub, numerous multinational companies are established here, which provide better career opportunities to the expats. Studying here not only enhances your curriculum vitae, but it will also provide a lot of options to choose from. Find internship opportunities here for a more impactful CV.  

Start preparing for your shift to the UAE with UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai. From processing the visa application request to taking admission in a reputed university, you are required to present your attested documents at every stage. Look out for an outsourced agency to avail reliable and express attestation services at reasonable prices. 

Birth Certificate Apostille: Importance and Procedure

An opportunity to reside and work overseas is a golden chance that no one wants to miss. However, with great opportunities, comes great responsibilities. Paperwork is a daunting task that can’t be avoided at any cost while moving to a new country. Countries like the USA, UK, and Australia demands Apostille documents. Birth certificate is an essential document which requires for several purposes. You can easily avail Birth Certificate Apostille in Chennai and other cities of India. Now let’s discuss more about birth certificate and Apostille procedure in detail.

Birth Certificate Apostille

What is birth certificate and why Birth certificate Apostille is necessary?

A birth certificate is a vital document certifying the birth of an individual. It documents the name, time, and place of a person’s birth. Besides proving an individual’s identity, a birth certificate also makes it possible for all Indian citizens to benefit from a gamut of services offered by the Indian Government to its citizens. Possession of a birth certificate helps in acquiring certain basic rights, including the right to vote, benefit from government services and schemes, taking admission in a private or govt. school, getting married, inheritance or transfer of property, and obtaining government-issued identity documents. Now, for taking advantage of these same benefits overseas, all Indian as well as expats from other countries requires birth certificate Apostille, since unattested documents are not accepted overseas.

What is the procedure for Birth Certificate Apostille?

Notary Stamp

Firstly, a document is authenticated by a Notary Public. However, this step is completely optional and is required for a few documents. Submit your document to a notary public for the stamp.

Home Department Authentication

Secondly, the birth certificate and other personal documents will be verified by the Home Department of the issuing state. The commercial and educational documents are authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce and Human Resource Development, respectively.

MEA Apostille

Lastly, the birth certificate will be Apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India. The MEA is the sole authority in India responsible for Indian document Apostille, and it charges a fee of Rs. 50 per document.

It is understandable that not everyone is aware of this procedure that is why relying on the professionals for this task is recommended. You can easily find plenty of companies offering services regarding MEA Apostille in Chennai and other parts of India. However, make sure to hire an experienced and expert agency for avoiding any errors or hassles. Confidentiality of the data and security of the documents is an important factor in this procedure, so you must choose an agency carefully.