Month: August 2022

Single Status Certificate in India

How & From Where to Get a Single Status Certificate in India?

Has anyone asked you for a single status certificate in India to marry someone or prove that you have not married yet?  Probably not!  A single status certificate is one of the crucial documents you need to be a spouse of the citizens of a foreign country. This document is crucial as a police clearance […]

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Why & Where to get ITI Certificate Attestation
Attestation Service

What is ITI Certificate Attestation & Why is it Required?

Industrial Training Institute, ITI certificate is mandatory to get a job in the IT industry. You can use this certificate with no attestation in your home country. However,  ITI document verification is a task accomplished for ITI certificate attestation to secure a job abroad.  Attestation on your legal documents is vital to study abroad, work […]

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Is Apostille Done on Original Documents
Apostille Services

Is Apostille Done on Original Documents?

When we move from our native country to a foreign country on a mission to find a job or study abroad, we need some documents. For instance, we need educational documents for education in a foreign country. On the other hand, to get a job in any foreign country, the employer asks for our study […]

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